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  As a Professional Organizer I am deeply aware of how external clutter is a mirror of internal clutter.  Clearing clutter is an innate skill for me.  I love working with you to help you create more usable space in your life.   I have over 20 years in the healing arts industry, being clutter free makes self healing more easily attained.  I can assist you with visualizing and organizing your space in manner that works best for you.   I am fearless and undaunted by the piles that have accumulated in your home or office.   I truly enjoy the challenge and look forward to sharing my skills with you.  

   Please feel free to leave a message at 415-948-5125 to discuss my rates.


 Organizing Testimonials

     As a senior citizen affected with Lupus, I have trouble getting my hands to achieve so many tasks. Nara visits regularly to keep my closets and junk drawers neat and clean. I enjoy her visits and the way in which she keeps my home and my life so well organized!

Marsha A. - Alameda, Ca.


 I have severe ADD which makes keeping my room (and so much of my life) moving and flowing easily is a big challenge. Nara was truly amazing at assisting me in transforming my walk-in closet from massive chaos to functioning in  less than 5 hours. A task I could't have achieved in 5 years! I was so impressed when she actually took the donation pile away as a part of the project. 

 Lara E. - Oakland, Ca.


      As a small business owner of fashion production, my work space gets messy quickly. Nara was referred to me through a friend and I'm so grateful I actually called her! It took nearly two days to complete cleaning out the corner where my desk & sewing machine live. It was so worth the effort & money! 

  Autumn A. - S.F. Ca


     It's hard these days for an independent working woman to keep her house in order. I am so grateful I found Nara online.  As an IT Engineer, my work life is very busy and I play as hard as I work. Having Nara visit my home and assess the mess was well worth the day I took off from work. She worked with me keeping my needs & desires in mind and together we made a huge difference in one day. I'll be calling her again soon to get the garage transformed too. 

   Carol S. -  So. S.F. Ca


   Being diagnosed as a man with ADHD was a huge relief. It allowed me to better understand and accept that I need a lot of help staying focused on my goals which is so challenging when my home office was constantly messy. I was so blessed by having Nara as my personal assistant for 12 years.  Her skills as a Coach & Organizational Consultant were exactly what I needed to keep my business running smoothly. I finally got the right combo of meds enabling me to keep up on the many protocols she put in place and am so grateful for all the skills Nara taught me over the years. 

  Jonathan H.  -  L.A. Ca.