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Certified Professional Life Coach 

   Suggested by her peers that she consider becoming a Life Coach and Mentor as her second career, without realizing it,  Nara had already been coaching her clients for most of her career.  In October 2010 she completed courses with the Life Coach Institute and became a Certified Professional Life Coach.

 Many words we use encourage being stuck in critical negative thinking.  Our Automatic Negative Thoughts can be extremely overwhelming. Stress reduction is key to swift healing, most stress is caused by mis-communication.  By using intuitive intelligence and specific communication skills, Nara will share specific tools including practicing the Law of Vibration with you to create a more empowering internal as well as external vocabulary. 

  As your personal Coach, Nara will help you identify & achieve your goals, track your progress and keep you motivated along the way. Focusing on using consistently clear communication to achieve your annual, monthly, weekly & daily goals.  

 You'll benefit by having a trained professional focused completely on you and what you want to achieve. We'll meet weekly via phone for a 1 on 1 conference, to plan and review your goals and action areas.  

   Please feel free to call 415-948-5125 for a one time free 20 minute consultation to experience how we can work together to create a more magical life for you.