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  Nara is amazing at focusing in on the exact place of tension in my body. No other therapist I've visited has the healing energy that I experience while on her table. I wish I could visit every day!

Jori H. - Richmond,Ca.


  I am humbled in her presence, Nara's energy is that of a powerful spiritual teacher of love.  And her bodywork is sublime too!

Marcela V. -  Alameda, Ca. 


I am so grateful for all the years of massage therapy I received from Nara. I always looked forward to our sessions and it always succeeded to make a difference in how I felt. I appreciated her ability to be professional and friendly at the same time. Nara made me feel comfortable on her table and at times it seemed like she was also my shrink. She would listen to whatever I had going on in my life and that too made a huge positive difference. I think it's so great that she became a Certified Life Coach. Because I moved to far away to continue getting regular massages but am happy to still be receiving coaching calls from Nara. She's the best!

 Tim S. - Concord, Ca. 


   I am a retired Police Officer from the Oakland California Police Department. I suffered a severe injury to my Achilles tendon from an on-duty automobile accident in 1996. Unfortunately this was a career-ending injury however Nara assisted my post-operative healing and recovery plan where I received many therapeutic bodywork sessions from her on my legs and back as well as full body therapeutic massage. I attribute the fact that I can still walk without assistance to the professional and rehabilitating work I received from Nara.  I am so very grateful and appreciative to have had Ms. Brados as a skilled, kind, compassionate trained therapist contribute to my rehabilitation, and assist in a recovery from a life-changing catastrophe.

 Michael W.- San Leandro, Ca. 


     Nara Brados cares about the people she works with/on. She is very present and professional in her conversations and treatment. She takes the time (and diligent notes) to understand more than just the possible physical sources of troubles in the body. Nara's 'quality of touch' and body work are top notch and one always feels more centered and relaxed after spending time with her.

 Lucio M. - NY


     Nara Brados is an intuitive and thoughtful massage therapist who approaches her craft holistically.  She starts every session with a client consultation trying to get a sense of our physical state in order to tailor her bodywork to meet our needs.      Nara is gentle when she needs to be, but has no fear of “digging in” to work out some of the more serious knots clients (like myself) bring to her table.  I have no reservations recommending Nara to anyone in need of therapeutic massage for any reason.

 Myla J. - Castro Valley, Ca.


        I have been going to Nara Brados for massage therapy for over 8 years. Each massage has been excellent.   I am a metal worker and a professor of art. My work is physically and mentally demanding. The quality of my life has been greatly improved because of Nara Brados’ work.  In the past, I have suffered from back pain, leg pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder and arm stiffness, all which have be alleviated, or reduced significantly, because of her amazing bodywork.     Nara has been key to understanding my physical health and  bring awareness to me about behaviors that affect my body. During the massage I become aware of problem areas in my body. She has vast knowledge of how muscle and joints function and can explain what is going on.  Her work and conversations have helped me even off the massage table. I sit when I need to rather than stand all day, take breaks from physical labor, rather than pushing my body, and stretch several times during the week.       Nara Brados’ work has also helped me with my mindfulness practice and meditation.  In my busy life of constant multitasking, I often come to Nara feeling frazzled, unfocused, ungrounded, and mentally disorganized. From the start of the massage I become aware of my physicality. During the massage I begin to feel grounded, aware of my body, and in the moment.  When the session is over I feel connected to my body, and mentally relaxed and stress free.  Nara’s sections are a physical and mental recharge.   I would recommend Nara Brados to anyone for massage therapy. Thank you Nara for helping me live life to its best.

Curtis A - Emeryville, Ca.


     I've  been seeing Nara for massage therapy for about 10 years. Her skill at reading her clients bodies is amazing. This coupled with her ability to do fabulous deep tissue work, if asked for, really loosens knots to jump start the healing process. I'm personally quite active. I play many sports and am a physical education instructor, as well as a coach. I've lain on Nara's table with some amazing knots, but by the end of the session those knots are well on their way to dissolving. Nara is a wonderful massage therapist.

Jodi Y - San Bruno, Ca


     In the past several months receiving massages from Nara has greatly improved my overall pain management. Nara's professionalism and thoroughness make the difference between simply getting a relaxing massage and getting therapy that greatly affects my overall health. Were it not for Nara I think my chronic pain would make not just day to day living but my career virtually impossible to cope with. I would highly recommend Nara's services to anyone seeking a higher degree of therapeutic massage and comfort.

 John M - Oakland, Ca.


    I've been described as one of those 'A' type personalities so driving over the Bay Bridge every Wednesday afternoon was no relaxing experience. My experience with Nara's therapy sessions are both nurturing and healing. I appreciate the wisdom she imparts upon me.  I've grown to trust Nara's advice as when I follow her homework -- stretching, relaxing & breath work. Areas where her healing work has vastly improved my life are ... flexibility, mobility, muscle aches & posture improvement. Remembering my inner child and not ignoring it, nurturing myself with greater awareness of what's happening with my body. Nara provides a safe and comfortable environment. I always feel as if I were at home and could be totally candid with her. 

Carol S - South San Francisco, Ca.


      Over the last 6 or more years I have been going to see Nara as my favorite massage therapist. I can say there is no equal to her in my minds eye. Yes I have strayed from her massage table and the result has been disappointment. It is truly rare to find a therapist with such talent! I go to Nara when I am broken! When despair and suffering have reached their peak and she sets me back on the path to recovery. She intuits that I may be suffering from not only a broken back, but a broken heart and she starts the mechanism for recovery. At times I have had spiritual re-awakinings on her table. Other times I have cried. (Yes I am a man and she made me cry)  And other times just deep relaxation. And another time that kink in my back was worked out. Or say the time that my leg was kinda numb. On and on and on. After so many years I forget it all. Yet, she has not been able to fix all and has sent me in a very professional manner to seek others. And for example; Once I returned to her table, during my time with a chiropractor, it was the chiropractor themselves that noticed Nara's work, the day after! "Who is your massage therapist they really opened up your neck!' they remarked. Nara has studied, gifted hands, and mind for massage therapy. She works hard, yet effortlessly, ready to either go deep, way deeper than even I can handle, or soft, so much so that I can just float off to nirvana. I cannot say enough about the healing she has helped me with over the years. Nara is a spiritual powerhouse and a gift to anyone who is fortunate enough to find themselves under her care. 

Nathaniel T. - Oakland, Ca.


       Nara is a skilled therapeutic masseuse whose skills transcend typical bodywork. Tell her what's going on with your body -- and your mind -- and Nara will tailor a session around your concerns, and what she encounters along the way.   I am grateful to Nara for getting me off the floor in a pinch -- and assisting in long-term recovery from a back injury. A strong, assertive, but gentle and respectful therapist, she's great and empathetic help from chronic to "uh-oh" complaints. I would't hesitate to recommend Nara to anyone.

Polly H - Los Angeles, Ca.


        Finding a body worker can be a grail-like search. Without question it is a worthy pursuit, but is a search which takes time and patience, and can leave one feeling pulled and sprained in the meantime. Nara was the right masseuse from the beginning: she listened closely, took the time to read my body and understand what it needed. I would bring her my limbs, an aching back, or a neck which I always found new ways of contorting; she would unravel the latest knot and weave my overworked strands back to together.  In addition to the loosening of Gordian knots, we would have conversations about the metaphysical phantoms lurking in one's physical scar tissue, about how tweaked muscles can be distress signals from the stress triggers of office, home, or one's deeply repressed past. Wherever she finds it, Nara has a holistic approach to to bodywork that nimbly unclutters and unclogs the whole of you.

 Jeff S. - SF, Ca.


     As a body worker, Nara is both intuitive and knowledgeable, able to pinpoint a problem and find solutions. At each session, I felt as if I were in good hands (so to speak) and walked away feeling energized and invigorated. Nara has the capability to sense what one's body needs, and then turn that into a meaningful experience on the massage table.

Jennie H. - SF, Ca.


       Nara Brados had been my massage therapist for over 10 years. Having an upcoming appointment was always something to look forward to. The only reason I don’t go to her now is I live 3,000 miles away.  She is a skilled massage therapist. Any other massage I get is compared to her work. She would be a tune to my body and its needs, knowing when to be gentle, or when to give more pressure. Walking in to a session I could be tense or muscles would be sore, but by the end I was relaxed and my body rejuvenated.   Nara would always begin by asking how I was, and if any part of my body needed to be worked on more during the session. This was very helpful in general and accommodating. She would always take notes and often look back at past sessions to see if certain ailments were better and/or needed to be worked on, such as my issue with my hips. This always impressed me how seriously Nara takes her work as a massage therapist.  It is always such a wonderful healing pleasure to be on her table and in her company. I look forward to being there again. 

  Alissa K. - Petaluma, Ca.


     Nara Brados can turn steel into putty. Literally. Her skilled hands and emotional intuition are a powerful combination that makes her both body worker and Healer. She listens carefully and can pinpoint the source of aggravation (and have a way to mitigate that source) immediately. There are not many people I trust with my body, and Nara is one of the few people with whom I feel safe enough to let go completely and just RELAX. I will miss her very much when she moves, and my hands and arms will suffer for it (I'm a chef, and Nara is the only one who knew how to get my hands to relax and stretch). 

Chef Eva D. - Richmond, Ca.


     I have been receiving a monthly massage from Nara for many years and have found an increased improvement in my overall physical and possibly mental health as a result. In particular the quick recovery from an unfortunate swing set injury and the occasional aches from work and bicycling have been greatly assuaged due to Nara's massage treatments.

 Gordon M. - Oakland, Ca.


      Nara worked on my hands, shoulders and back countless times during my tenure as a leather stitcher at Dark Garden. Nara Brados is highly focused, efficient, powerful, tender, and brings a comfortable professionalism to the table. I always left her table in a pleasantly relaxed, healing state. She has helped me through many issues I've had with my body. Including awakening an immobile hip, severe tendinitisand repetitive stress injuries. Nara gets 5/5 platinum stars in my book!

Jacob H. - NY


     Nara Brados has a wonderfully assertive, yet considerate touch. Laying down on her table is like melting under the pressure of ten small gyrating dancers on uneven ground whose only concern is smoothing out the dance floor and leaving you in a state of utter relaxation. Your body is a combat zone and she's the field medic.

 Issac B. - Oakland, Ca


I started getting massage by Nara 11 years ago. I had had a chronic pain near my right shoulder blade For 5 years from computer use. Her massaging eliminated that pain. She would be trying to get in and under my shoulder blade, which sometimes would not budge. I would think to my shoulder blade, "It's ok, shoulder blade, it's Nara. You can let her in." and it would open right up. I have always thought of it as, "I've never had anyone "talk" to my shoulder blade like that before". It has never hurt again.

 Sarah F. - SF, Ca.


       I'll start this off with saying I'm a very picky person when it come to getting a massage, but apparently I picked the right person. When I first entered Nara's massage space, it was a very calming feeling, of a room filled with light tranquil music. After a glass of water was offered, she asked me a series of questions while taking notes pertaining to my body: if I had any current pain, old injuries, ect. After this, it was time. I was asked to prepare for her table face down while she stepped out of the room  for a few minutes to allow me to relax into the tunes. When Nara returned even with my eyes closed, I could feel her walking around the table assessing my body position, making slight adjustments to keep me centered. During the massage I felt very at ease, even with certain spots that were a little knotted and tender. I could feel her quickly recognize this and focus more attention in area's to release it. Never did I experience too much pressure nor not enough. It felt as she was completely in tune with what my body needed. For the last 15 minutes or so I was asked to roll over face up. This was the greatest feeling since my nose gets so plugged face down. It really gave it a chance to clear as she worked on my neck, head, and shoulders. Then it was time for my forearms, it was like my fingers were little mindless puppets as Nara touched every single muscle in them. The final moments always seemed to involve my feet. She would caress each one and slightly work my legs into their natural position. After finishing I was always asked to only get up when I was ready, never rushed. Again she would step out of the room until I was up and presentable. Offering another glass of water and always suggesting to take it easy for a few hours. All in all, my experiences were wonderful. Some of the best massages that I've ever received.

 Gary G. - Oakland, Ca


      Nara is a wonderful massage therapist.  From the moment you walked in the door until you left, the appointment was all about calm and relaxation.  The music and oils were picked with care for each individual and each appointment.  Nara is known for intense massage and many times that was exactly what was needed.  But other times she could sense that a more gentle touch was needed.  It was always a wonderful experience to visit Nara.  The level of professionalism was high and I always felt extremely comfortable in her presence.

Erika H. - Redwood City, Ca.


      Nara has always provided me with a sense of being understood and nurtured both verbally and physically with her bodywork. Job related physical wear and tear puts a lot of tension in my body however, I always leave her table feeling an inch taller and a great deal lighter. She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and connection to serving her clients in restoring a sense of peace and ease within themselves. 

Justin J - Oakland, Ca


      I have disc degeneration in my neck at c2 and c3. It pinches the nerves and inflames the chest and shoulders. Nara's work has been instrumental in keeping me pain free. By working just the right points consistently, she has kept me from having any intense episodes of inflammation, reduced the pain in my shoulders, and helped maintain my upper body mobility. She is a great massage therapist who knows how to help her clients maintain their health. 

Steve P. -  SF, Ca


      Before my massage appointments I was very tense and my shoulders were usually scrunched up around my ears. After my massage I was much more relaxed and could move more freely. I liked how Nara would adapt my massage for what I needed for that session. Different combinations of stretching, light to deeper massage and energy work.

Tara G - SF, Ca.


      Nara Brados has been the massage therapist I have seen most often over the 10+ years we have worked together. I generally want a vigorous and deep massage, and Nara has those techniques solidly in her repertoire. I always feel more relaxed and in touch with my body after seeing her. I appreciate her wide range of responsiveness- being able to be chatty with my therapist about current events in my life, or how my physical issues have changed, or be completely quiet, or even fall asleep during my massage is really great for me. Sometimes it can be a while in between sessions for me, so it is fabulous that she takes notes about how our sessions go. We can track changes over time, and she can remind me about things we wanted to work on.

 Tia Marie P - SF, Ca


      My experience with Nara Brados as my massage therapist for well over a year was very significant for my whole being.  I went to her because my internal energy was chaotic and I needed some guidance and healing.  My physical body was out of sync with my emotional and psychological self.  We focused on my core energy issues and with her professional assistance I gradually made great progress uniting my inner self with my physical body.   Nara knows how far to go with acupressureFor instance working out muscular knots has associated sensations of pain, but they were never too painful and even enjoyable.  I never wanted the sessions to end because I would enter a deep state of relaxation, and many times she would gently remind me to keep breathing.  Controlled breathing was a major part of our work, in fact Nara taught me how to breathe and directed me towards other methods of breath.  At the end of our sessions I would open my eyes feeling centered again.  The rest of my day would be calm and focused.  Occasionally I would have visions, perhaps hypnogogic dreams, as I relaxed and my consciousness melded with my unconscious with my body feeling like I was floating.  Perhaps the most important aspect of our work was that I trusted Nara and felt I could tell her my true feelings with confidentiality.  She truly wanted to help me heal and I was far more balanced after each session.

 Daniel S. - Oakland, Ca


        I met Nara Brados at a social event 5 years ago. Immediately I sensed a gentle aura about her.  Our friendship grew and I decided to have my first massage. I have issues with being "touched" by strangers but Nara took the time to do an thorough interview and made me feel incredibly comfortable.  There aren't words to express what Nara has done for my physical and mental health. She is the best massage therapist around and no one can take her place.

Kyle S. - Alameda, Ca


    Nara is wonderful. I've suffered from neck and back problems for years and often went to Nara when I was in pain. (I say "Went', because I no longer live in the Bay Area). I always left feeling much better that when I went in. She has 'great hands' and her years of experience really show when you're onher the table.

Adam K. - Ukiah, Ca.


      My experience with Nara Brados' massage was wonderful. She addressed my pain issues verbally before hand and focused a healing touch on the areas during. I felt great after. 

 Victoria W. - Petaluma, Ca


       Nara is the massage therapist to whom I compare all others. While a few may come marginally close to her level of skill, intuition and care, no one ever exceeds her.    I put my body body through its paces - both physically and emotionally. Nara always cuts through the challenges and brings me great relief. I can't count the number of times I've said to her "It's like I have a new body now!"    Not only does she help me feel physically better, but she brings a new level of awareness to the pain and thereby helps me diminish it.  I will be forever grateful to her for helping me though any number of challenges. She was my first regular massage therapist and whenever I try someone new I compare them to her. She's at the top of my list of therapists to refer people to. If you're looking for someone to help you work out the kinks that life sends your way, do not hesitate for a moment to call on Nara, You will certainly not regret it.

Autumn A - SF Ca


      I would recommend treatment from Nara Brados.  As a metal worker I am regularly stiff from working in awkward positions.  I am not someone who uses touch and massage as a treatment method very regularly, preferring to soldier on and ignore a pain than deal with it.  Nara was very helpful and put me at ease.  She managed to sort out some deep issues I had and I felt my aches and pains much improved after her treatments.  She also recommended exercises for me to carry out on my own when I do a particular type of work.

 Michelle P. - Scotland UK


      My first massage from Nara Brados was in the Summer of 2009. I was immediately struck by her intuitive energy, wonderful touch, and direct communication. My entire body melted on the table and I left her studio feeling completely relaxed. Soon after, I began visiting Nara every few months as a special treat. Then, I experienced a flare up from an old injury.  My shoulder/upper back was in terrible pain and I was very upset due to a recent trauma. I began seeing Nara monthly to relax the muscle spasms and to address my emotional stress as well. During particularly intense sessions, Nara would gently remind me to stay present - here and now - and to breathe deeply. She creates space for whatever surfaces on the table. After many of our sessions, I noticed that my hands would tingle with super intense energy. I could feel so much movement in my body after leaving her studio - sometimes euphoric, often an emotional release, and always a lightness of being. Nara's body work is compassionate, loving, and healing. She is a wonderful human and a fantastic massage therapist. I highly recommend Nara Brados for her traditional massage, energetic work, spiritual guidance and sage wisdom.

Celine H. -  Portland, Or.


       If you are considering a massage from Nara Brados, I highly recommend her services. Nara is an intuitive specialist, reviews your history thoroughly prior to performing work, and listens intently to your descriptions of issues / ailments. There are many therapists out there today who seem to listen, but then run through their standard massage routine without focus on the issue areas discussed. Nara is the opposite, she adapts her session to work through your area(s) of concern, and her work will get on back on the road to pain free movement. Nara is certainly one of my favorite massage therapists!

 Tom A. - Berkeley, Ca.


       I  have been getting various forms of massage for over twenty years for reasons ranging from a car accident to running the NYC Marathon.  Nara's amazing work, attention to the details and willingness to accommodate the my insane schedule has made me a repeat client for over 6 years.  I highly recommend her.  

Philip L. - Castro Valley, Ca


       I first went to Nara for massage in 2009. Her intuition, physical and emotional strength, and humor always make for an intensely healing massage experience. She is always professional, communicates expectations clearly. Even down to specific instructions about getting undressed and on the table. She assumes nothing, which I appreciate.    I broke my back in 2004, and have a complicated situation in my body as a result. Nara can zoom in to the places that need releasing the most, and work those right until they let go, but I've never felt overworked afterward. Sometimes I experience some shifting afterward, getting back into healthy posture after being in painful holding patterns for however long.     Sometimes deeper work can get emotional, and Nara can handle it. Tears don't freak her out, and sometimes she'll give emotional homework- go home and have a good cry, get it all out! I like that, and it is a part of the overall healing of massage.  This reminds me, I have an appointment to book with Nara now!

Amani L. - Oakland, Ca


       I have been professionally visiting  Nara Brados for massage for over ten years, which should speak for itself! Nara is a skilled masseuse who knows how to listen to me and my body. I've always been impressed by how well she remembers what's going on with me and her ability to scale and modify the type of massage she delivers based on my current needs. When I first started seeing her I had chronic pain in my left shoulder - since seeing her I've never had that pain again. She's also been able to eliminate migraines by focusing on pressure points, something even my migraine meds can't do at times. She has always maintained a high level of professionalism whenever we are in session. I appreciate the notes she keeps on my history  and how well-informed she is about health and wellness. I urge anyone seeking a new a masseuse in her area to look her up. 

Therese Marie R. - Alameda, Ca


    Ms. Nara will kick your butt. You will like it, pay for it, and happily schedule her to do it all over again. I have been seeing Nara on and off for over two years now. Anytime my muscles need an attitude adjustment I give her a call. What I love is that she doesn't just let you lie there, but makes you work for your relaxation. She has you use meditative breathing and visualization to relax trouble spots as she manipulates every inch of your body coxing each stubborn muscle into submission. Nara has some strong hands and is not afraid to jump up on the table with you and plow her elbow into your knots. This may sound painful, and yeah it might be for a minute, but the following results are pure relaxed bliss. Once Nara is done with me, my muscles are not only relaxed, but my mind is too. The deep breathing combined with visualization and her sweet talking your muscles, leaves you with a wonderful zen feeling. I always walk out of her studio feeling a little floaty, complexly relaxed and stress-free. 

 Jen H. - Oakland, Ca.  


       Personally, I go by recommendations when it comes to things like massages.  Nara came up very quickly as very good with deep tissue massage.  That was over a year ago and I can attest to not only her skill but her commitment to her clients comfort and well being.   She actually takes copious notes at every visit which is impressive.  My main reason for seeing her was a right shoulder in constant pain from an old injury.  I am happy to say it is no longer a problem.  You're in for a treat.  

  John F. - Alameda, Ca


       I have had the privilege to work with Nara Brados in many capacities at The Crucible for 6 years. We both worked in the studio and events.  She is one of the most resourceful, determined, and "can do" people of have worked with. Her wide range of knowledge and experience has been a huge asset.  As a massage client of Nara's, she is excellent.  Finding someone who can tell where the knots are and is not afraid to give them a workout is not easy.  Nara's massage style and experience has been just what my body and mind needed.  Nara and I have had many opportunities to talk both at The Crucible and during massages.  Her ability to read situations and people is uncanny. She is insightful and wise.  She is a great therapist,  counselor and life coach, along with all her other skills.

Denise T. - Oakland, Ca.


       I've been a client of Nara's  for over 10 years.  She is an excellent therapist.  She has helped me get through painful lower back conditions, shoulder and neck issues, and added to my general well being.  She is very professional and totally present while working on me, and always listens to my needs.  I would highly recommend her (and do) to my friends and family.  No one can match her skill and talent.

Debra M.Z. - Orinda, Ca